Funding Austin Developers and Rehabbers

Before you go with a Hard Money loan, explore our Private Money options designed to Keep Austin Building. We are especially looking to fund great spec home projects right here in the Austin and surrounding areas!

Private Capital No Red Tape
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A New Approach to Construction and Rehab Loans

Whether you are looking for funding to put spec homes on the ground or have found a great deal for a fix and flip and need the cash to get started, we have the right loan for you. At Keep Austin Building, we do not have a “One Size Fits All” mentality. Unlike many lenders who have a box of guidelines or a set price for every loan, we offer Private Capital to creatively meet your objectives. We offer no-nonsense private financing with a proven track record and better terms than other Hard Money lenders. After all, investing is about risk management. Show us you’re a lower risk and we can show you better terms.
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What Makes Us Different

  • Get your project started quickly, without a prolonged funding process.
  • Added value to your project with years of real estate and construction management experience.
  • Creative financing available to fit your needs.
  • We can offer lower rates with a proven track record.